life is short. let's set you free. 

While marketing LinkedIn globally and traveling the world for two years, I met countless professionals selling themselves short. I realized almost everyone, regardless of their level or industry, dreaded writing about themselves and were thus, diluting and limiting their success. Many of us are not properly positioning ourselves for that dream job, the next promotion or the desired network expansion.

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In 2018, after 16 years of building brands and winning the top marketing awards on the agency side, I purposely transitioned to a Career Coach. I started as a Resume Writer + LinkedIn profile optimizer, collaborating with clients to tell their professional truth. Sharing the HOWs and the WHYs of our career (and life) are way more memorable and meaningful than just the WHAT we've done. I've crafted a custom, painless approach to uncover this - going a level deeper.

Dare I say, this process can be fun. My clients agree...I earned a"Top-Rated" badge within 6 months of starting my business from consistent 5-star ratings and reviews on Upwork, a highly competitive platform for diverse talent and freelancers. Now, I’ve supported over 400 hundred clients own their personal brand and helped them create a competitive edge.


Because as a previous marketer and a freelance recruiter, I know the importance of storytelling, visual impact, and the power of every single word to drive action. As a former job seeker, I know how to stand out and leave a lasting impression.


Today, I coach clients on removing limiting beliefs, applying with intention to save time + energy, nailing every single interview, and asking for what they want when it comes to compensation. In all scenarios, I help clients level up their confidence, own their worth, and showcase their most successful selves. It all starts by owning your individual truth. And I can help you find and celebrate yours.