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I offer coaching support in 3 ways - an online course with countless tools + templates, small group coaching, and 1:1 private collaborations.


In all formats, we begin with a blank career canvas. From this place, we can design and choose what you really want. It’s a chance to start fresh and look inward at who you are + what you need from a job and a career (and your life). 

I’ve found that when we’re looking to make any sort of change or big decision, we often look outside of ourselves for the answers, AND we often make the final decision based on external expectations or loyalty to our past. This is the chance to release and let go of ALL OF THAT. 

In my collaborations + programs, we will create total clarity, reclaim your power, build confidence, and own your worth. I can help you FIND A NEW ROLE or LEVEL UP IN THE ROLE YOU HAVE. Together, we can shift how you show up in your career + in your life.



Are you looking for the most flexible, affordable option with massive impact? This is an on-demand, online program for job seekers. My Career Canvas Course will create clarity and build your confidence in LESS THAN 6 HOURS while teaching you how to stand out with a competitive edge in your search. With my method, you can land a job in less than 60 days.



Do you love the feeling of community?

In this group setting, you'll find comfort in knowing you're not alone. Together, we will remove limiting beliefs that are getting in the way of finding/getting that dream job. This partnership will transform how you show up in a job search. This is a 3-month journey together with on-demand video lessons and live office hours that begins on October 1st.



Are you looking for more personalized support? Together, we can create a clear path and plan for exactly what you want and deserve in your career. We'll remove everything that feels like a barrier. This partnership will shift how you view yourself, your career, and even what's possible in your life. This is a 4+month journey with a flexible start date and meeting cadence. 



I've been loving the course, I definitely feel the energy shifting.


Being able to work with a group of women and understand that you're not by yourself is so helpful.


Kelly gave me the tools to always get back to who I am, always get back to my purpose and remind me that I'm more than enough.

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