From this place, we can actually design and choose what we really want. It’s a chance to start fresh and look inward at who you are + what you need from a job and a career (and in your life). 


I’ve found that when we’re looking to make any sort of change or big decision, we often look outside of ourselves for the answers, AND, we often make the final decision based on external pressures or expectations. This is the chance to release and let go of ALL OF THAT. 

In my collaborations + programs, we will create total clarity, reclaim your power, build confidence, and own your worth. I support clients in two different ways, depending on your goal: FINDING A NEW ROLE or LEVELING UP IN THE ROLE YOU HAVE. Together, we can shift how you show up in your career + in your life.

collaborations + support

What Clients Say

" One of Kelly's motto's is to only say yes to the Hell Yes. Kelly's career canvas program is undoubtedly one of those "Hell Yes" moments. Kelly's approach is based on proven techniques that she customizes for each person and group - making sure that you're prepared, confident and supported. It's thanks to Kelly that I was offered a job within days of leaving my previous role. I highly recommend the Career Canvas program for anyone looking to learn how to go about finding their dream job or looking to make a career change. The lessons, tips and advice you'll get from Kelly are priceless."
- JEN ROGERS, Senior Account Director, Amazon