The Career Canvas is an interactive, intelligent, creative process that helps you figure out what you need to love your work


All about you

One size does not fit all. 30 varied activities help you to see your unique career landscape through fresh eyes: your circumstances, needs, values and options. You will be guided, step by step, to focus on where you are now, explore what you really want in your career, and figure out how to make it happen.


Uniquely interactive process

The Career Canvas draws on research from neuroscience, psychology and personal mastery, and combines this with technology to give you a uniquely interactive experience. You receive immediate feedback and insights, and are able to develop your thoughts as you progress.


Convenient and private

Download to your PC and try the Career Canvas for free. If you choose to purchase a code, you can complete it at your own pace wherever is convenient for you. Because it’s an interactive PDF, it remains yours forever, and is completely private on your own device.


Useful outcomes

Your personalised Career Masterpiece is a printable, frame-able, ‘hang-up-on-the-wall-able’ reminder of where you want your career to go and why. It could be the most influential piece of art that you ever own. Your Action Plan is a printable set of actions with timeframes, designed by you.

Questions? Feedback? Ideas? We'd love to hear from you. Please drop us an email at support@thecareercanvas.com.


I knew I needed a change, I just didn't know what! This Career Canvas process helped me to get clear in my head about what I really want, and challenged me to make some difficult decisions.

Grant M
Technical Manager

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